Alumni Weekend is back!!!

May 12-14, 2017

Whether you were here in 1950...or in 2012. Join us for Alumni Weekend!!!

Old memories are like old friends! They may not always be on your mind, but they are always in your heart! Join us as we renew old friendships and memories! We will even make a few new ones!


Accommodations Desired: Room Rate                  Post 4/15

Bayview Lodge                          $235                      $280  

Poolside Lodge                         $190                       $230  

Hotel (Private Bath)                   $190                       $230

Hotel (Bunk & Shared Bath)      $150                       $180  

Singles Discount (Bunk)            $ 55                        $ 60   

[Singles: We reserve the right to room you with other singles of the same sex - you may request to be roomed with a friend(s)]           

                                                                                   Post 4/15   

Saturday Only                           $ 80 (Family)              $100 (Family)

Saturday Only                           $ 50 (Single)               $ 50 (Single)

("Saturday Only" includes 3 meals, ice cream social and admission to all activities/facilities)

Register today!!!

call 609-494-5689 or email


Give Us Your News!

We want to feature stories in our alumni newsletters, so keep us updated about major events in your life such as births and marriages. We’re also interested in any ministry job changes of our alumni, so make sure to keep us in the loop.

Please send all newsletter material to: so that we can keep up with friends and family of Harvey Cedars Bible Conference!