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June 10-16, 2019

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Todd Wilson

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Todd Wilson

Dad, Speaker, Writer, and Former Pastor

Todd is a dad, writer, conference speaker, and former pastor. Todd’s humor and down to earth realness have made him a favorite speaker at homeschool conventions across the country and a guest on Focus on the Family. As founder of Familyman Ministries, his passion and mission are to remind dads and moms of what’s most important through a weekly e-mail for dads, seminars, and books that encourage parents.

Todd and his wife, Debbie, homeschool six of their eight children (two have graduated) in northern Indiana and travel America in the Familyman Mobile. You can read more about Todd’s ministry at his website,

 Homeschool Week 2019 Schedule

  Class Descriptions for Homeschool Week
June 10-16, 2019

During Daily General Sessions
9:30-10:30am & 6:30-7:30 pm

(Nursery provided for children ages 0-2 during General Sessions)

“Ten Commandments”:  Children ages 3-5 will be learning about the Ten Commandments.  Biblical truths will be reinforced through lessons, song and craft times, fun projects and games.  

 Christ‘mas’ the Whole Year Through”
– The KnightLights (Nathan & April Elliott, Philip Mack)
:   Children ages 6-11.
The theme for the 2019 KnightLights main program is entitled:  “Christ‘mas’ the Whole Year Through.”  The tagline for this program is: “The entire world would benefit from a lot ‘more Christ!’”

The Bible lessons for this program will focus on various prophecies about Christ, the Messiah, with an emphasis not only on the work He has already done on behalf of humanity, but also on what He is yet to do.  Due to the word play with the program title, Alejandro and Betsy will make a return to set up the events of each day’s session.  Abbie and Lincoln will provide introductions for this year’s Bible verses, while Chevanna and Kevin will be doing a segment on Christmas traditions from around the world.  While Red and Pentagon are currently working on a new theme song, they may also have time to squeeze in some other projects during our preparation stage.  We just might even have a new puppet friend join our team this year as well.

Miss April’s Christian biography segment will cover the life of Franklin Graham and will also highlight the ministry of Samaritan’s Purse and the Operation Christmas Child project.  There will be special appearances from past guests such as Miss Nomer, The Nacho Man Nomore Baggage, and The Duct Tape Guru.  This year, to correspond with our Christmas theme, we are anticipating the premier of an individual known as The Silent Knight.

In addition to Red and Pentagon’s parodies, other applicable Christmas-themed songs will be incorporated in this year’s presentations.  We plan to do an audience interactive voting event called “The Grinch of the Day.”  Mr. Nate created a new review game called “Snowball Fight” and he plans to present an informative study on unusual holidays from around the world.  

 Morning Classes
10:45 – 11:45 am Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri

(Child care will be provided for ages 0 – 5 years only during this time)

 1. KnightLights presents: Christian Hero Geo/Bio (Nathan & April Elliott, Philip Mack): Ages: 6 – 11.  Limited to 20 students.  This elective, presented by “The KnightLights” team, includes a dash of church history and a helping of world geography from a missional emphasis, with a side order of correlated arts and crafts.  Portions of the Voice of the Martyrs “Torchlighters” video series will be utilized as part of the elective presentations.  In addition to this, the KnightLights team will also direct additional activities, discussions, and craft projects to reiterate the spiritual truths highlighted in these sessions.  Through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we pray that it could be truthfully said of those who attend this elective:  “May all who come behind us find us faithful!”

2. Sports & Games (TBD): Ages 6-9 and 10-14.  Limited to 18 students. 
A class for students to learn the basics of sports and participate in daily game competitionClass is broken into two age groups for easier learning integration.  Activities to include basic kicking, throwing, shooting, rolling, and bumping through sports such as volleyball, kickball, basketball, etc. 

3. Woodworking (Pat Pietrak, Master Craftsman): Woodworkers Seeking Wisdom.
Ages 8-15.  One adult or teen helper must accompany students ages 8-9. 
Limited to 18 students. 
The theme for this year’s project is the ‘7 C’s of History’. The ‘7 C’s of History’ is a catchy phrase that helps people remember the big events that have affected (or will affect) the universe: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation. The source material for this course is from Answers in Genesis. This program is an educational tool for better understanding of biblical events.  

Students will construct a wooden game board to take home. Students will learn how to use a hammer, nails, screws, apply glue, use sand paper, paint and also try their hand at various power tools (with direct supervision). All tools needed for construction will be provided. $10 materials charge per student to be paid to the instructor.

4. Marine Science (Drs. Jim and Dan De Vries): Ages: 12 +.  Limited to 15 students

The location of Harvey Cedars Bible Conference provides a unique opportunity to study God’s works of creation and providence. From our vantage point between Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, students will explore life among several zones and habitats of a barrier island, in particular bay and salt marsh. We will study some of the marine plants and the animals that live among them (juvenile and sub-adult fish, invertebrates, diatoms, etc.) Students will collect samples to examine in the lab for classification and further study and we expect to dissect some fish. There will be opportunities to see God’s eternal power and divine nature revealed in the things He has made. Note: Please be prepared for wading in the bay, with appropriate clothing and footwear (e.g., beach shoes). Parents do not need to attend, but are welcome. $5 fee per student to be paid to instructor.

5. Micro Biology (Drs. Theresa & Tony Rua): Ages: 12 +.  Limited to 15 students Students will be immersed into the world of microbiology in this class through lecture, culturing microbes on agar plates, testing the theory of the five second rule, and then utilizing these learned skills to understand and perform throat cultures for strep bacteria.  A new adventure for our Homeschool Week students!  $5 fee per student to be paid to instructor.

6. Fabric Mosaic (Julie Conte): Ages 12+. Class size limited to 10. You will be designing and ironing on colorful fabric squares to a firm backing to create a fabric mosaic. $5.00 materials charge per student to be paid to instructor.

7. Life Skills (Joe Rizzi, Todd Carvin, and Brian Sackett)Ages: 15+.  Limited to 18 students.

A popular class in 2018 that even drew some adults to come!  There are basics to life that will make your student more capable as a homeowner and confident in life.  We hope to increase your student’s knowledge this year with some DIY in home repairs including basic electric, painting, hole repair, window install and framing, basic wall framing, wiring, and plumbing.  Come join us at the HCBC shop for this hands on, interactive class experience.

8. Come to the Table (Debbie Rizzi and Angela Sackett): Ages: Young Ladies 15+ and homemakers (mamas and daughters welcome!)  Limited to 18 students. 

 Theme and description coming soon but just as fun as last year’s gathering.

*****Classes and Schedule are subject to change*****

Saturday, FAMILY DAY: Create Your Own Adventure, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

You will receive a handout of possible activities in the area;  

a “make-and-take” lunch will be available beginning at 10:00 am.

Registration for classes is open. 

Invoice must be paid in full in order to register for classes.