Waypoint: A point at which course is changed.

There comes a point in every journey when one must take time to assess his or her direction. As the wise traveler looks ahead and plans his course he will plan for the next place to reassess, or a waypoint.

The Bible often refers to the life of a Christ follower as a journey or a path. Proverbs 3:5-6 gives us a promise that God will direct our paths,
but not without placing clear responsibilities on us.

Waypoint strives to equip young adults, through Bible study, mentorship, and practical application, to see God’s will, or path, for them. We do this by teaching them to:

  • trust in Him, not in their own abilities

  • acknowledge that they were made for a purpose with specific gifts and talents

  • be obedient by taking the next step on their journey into God’s will


What is Waypoint?

Waypoint is a one-year program designed to help young adults discover and live out their identity in Christ, preparing for their next steps in their personal life and faith journey, and in their career path.

You may be a graduating High School Senior needing more time to hear from God before heading into the workforce or going off to college. You may be part way through your college studies without a peace about the direction you should focus on. You may be out of High School and working but have decided you have no clear direction on what’s next. All of these scenarios and more have something in common…. Waypoint. Come find out the answers you are looking for. come and find out what God has made you brilliant at and where he has gifted you to serve Him for the rest of your days. And most importantly, let your foundation in Christ be strengthened beyond what you have ever experienced.

To apply for the Waypoint program, simply CLICK HERE and fill out our initial Waypoint Application Form. We will read through your privately kept answers and get back to you within 2 days to set up an online interview.

If you are wanting to give a reference for a Waypoint applicant, please CLICK HERE and you can greatly help us by filling out the Waypoint Reference Form. Your part is huge in helping us prayerfully put together the best team for success!



Following a carefully developed study program, you’ll dive into God’s word and learn more about who He is, and who you are in Him.

Study some of the great Christian thinkers of our time.

Study personality and strengths, identifying your personal gifting and learning to distinguish your calling in Christ.

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Work alongside carefully selected peers and year-round staff at a long-standing and respected conference and retreat center.

Experience a variety of service opportunities and learn alongside our staff and guest teachers in areas you can use as you pursue future work and ministry opportunities.