Join us for Homeschool Week!
June 12-18, 2017

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Travis and Carol Turner

Divine Romance Ministries, Inc.

Travis and Carol Turner have been mentoring men and women in the area of marriage relationships since 1992.  They are the founders of Divine Romance Ministries, Inc. which provides Christ-centered mentoring/coaching. Travis and Carol, married in 1985, home schooled their two children.  Travis is also a featured instructor in the Christ Quest Institute. His experiences as a business man with the largest home inspection firm in Arizona and a thriving real estate business and as a starting quarterback at the University of Nebraska, have given him a unique blend of ministry, business, and sports experience to inspire leadership in the home.

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS (following is 2016 information as an example - to be updated soon)

During daily General Sessions (morning session ages 12-adult: 9:30-10:30 am and evening session for ages 12-adult: 6:30-7:30 pm)

(Nursery provided for children ages 0-2 during General Sessions)

“The Ten Commandments”:  Children ages 3-5 will be learning about the Ten Commandments. Biblical truths will be reinforced through lessons, song, and craft times, as well as fun projects and games.  

“Point of Decision”– The KnightLights (Nathan & April Elliott, Philip Mack):   Children ages 6-11. Our Bible lessons will be a thematic study of various passages of Scripture that highlight individuals who found themselves at a crisis moment, a “point of decision”, in which they had to make a critical choice.  Some of the accounts will include those who chose wisely and some will relate what happened when some chose poorly. Our Bible lessons will include the following:  Noah; Abraham and Lot; Rehoboam; the disciples when they appeared before the Sanhedrin; and ourselves as seen through Jesus’ parable of the two builders.  Also included will be a study on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  The KnightLights’ puppets will be there to help teach the Bible verses and to reiterate the spiritual truths of the Bible lessons. There may be a new character - “Mr. Smiley Face Sticker Man” – and Red and Pentagon currently have a new theme song parody in the works.

 Morning Classes 10:45 – 11:45 am, Tues, Wed, Fri, & Sat  

(Child care will be provided for ages 0 – 5 years only during this time)

1. “The KnightLights Present: Welcome to the H2Whoa Zone!” (Nathan & April Elliott, Philip Mack): Ages: 6 – 11.  Limited to 15 students.  This elective will incorporate various water color crafts and activities and will also give some interesting scientific facts about water as well as explore why Jesus, Himself, compared His great gift of salvation to "living water." Oh, and by the way, on the last day of the elective you will want to be dressed appropriately, because there is no other way to say this, than - you will get wet!

2. Marine Science: Crustaceans! (Ruth Blouch): Ages: 6-11. Limited to 25 students.  We will explore the marine life found in the Barnegat Bay and along the beaches of Long Beach Island with a focus on crustaceans.  Students will examine and share specimens they have collected.  We will build sieve boxes, seine in the bay, and observe the behavior and habits of marine life native to the Barnegat Bay. A parent/adult needs to be in attendance when we seine in the bay and explore the marine wildlife at the Barnegat Lighthouse.  Materials to bring: swimsuit, towel, water shoes, plastic sand shovels.

3. Woodworking (Pat Pietrak): Ages 6-15.  One parent or responsible helper must accompany students ages 6-9.  Limited to 20 students. Students will work with wood, glue, nails, hammer, and paint in creating a take-home project that will be a replica of the Tower of Babel. The class will look at the biblical principles related to the outcomes in Genesis, Chapter 11, as men attempted to control their destinies while defying God's principles. Join Mr. Pietrak and learn about the skill of woodworking, discuss God's Word, and examine secular discoveries related to archaeology and the Tower of Babel. There will be a $10 charge per student for building materials to be collected at the registration table. 

4. “Team Building” (Pete & Mariam Hegel):  Ages: grade 6+   Limited to ___ students.  The Team Challenges class offers cooperative activities requiring team members to think outside the box and discover new uses for everyday items.  Fun activities, challenges, and obstacles are constructive ways to learn the essentials of group communication.

5. The Sports Bench (Instructor TBD): Ages: 12+.  When it comes to sports, we should give our best to the team and we should work to get off the bench and into the game! During this week we will look at numerous sports, receive some key training in each of them, and then put that training into some fun practices for all ages. Christ was born so that we could be victorious. We are here on Earth, not to sit back and do nothing, but to win the battles that Christ allows us to walk through. Without Christ we are empty and we lose. With Christ, we can have life to the fullest and we know we are on the winning team!  See you on the court!

 6. Drama/Performance (Angela Sackett): Ages: 12 +.  Limited to 12 students.  Drama and theater have their roots in God’s people using performance to illustrate truth, whether through comedy or tragedy. In fact, scripture itself has powerful dramatic impact as the story of God follows the twists and turns of people and time!  We will discuss and practice aspects of good performance and work together to create a short production for Saturday evening’s general session.  We may laugh, we may cry, and we will definitely enjoy our time together!  In four one-hour sessions, students will practice blocking/staging, vocal inflection, character development, and stage presence – while keeping an eye toward excellence for the glory of the greatest Artist who calls us to glorify His name in all things!

7. Marine Science (Drs. Jim and Dan De Vries): Ages: 12 +.  Limited to 15 students.  The location of Harvey Cedars Bible Conference provides a unique opportunity to study God’s works of creation and providence. From our vantage point between Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, students will explore life among several zones and habitats of a barrier island, in particular bay and salt marsh. We will study some of the marine plants and the animals that live among them (juvenile and sub-adult fish, invertebrates, diatoms, etc.) Students will collect samples to examine in the lab for classification and further study and we expect to dissect some fish. There will be opportunities to see God’s eternal power and divine nature revealed in the things He has made. Parents do not need to attend, but are welcome.

8. Basket Weaving (Sue Smoker): Ages: 15 – Adult.  Limited to 12 students.  This popular class returns with a new project. This year the project will be a basket that is multi-functional. It measures 10 1/2" long, 6" wide, and 3" high.  All supplies will be provided.


Afternoon Class Options

9. Just Bead It: Wednesday only, 12:45-1:45 pm.  Ages: 10+.  Class size limited to 10. Students will create their own beaded jewelry to take home. There will be a $15.00 charge per student for the class. 

10. Fabric Mosaic (Julie Conte): Friday & Saturday, 12:45-1:45 pm.  Ages 12+ Class size limited to 8. In this two-day class you will be designing and ironing on colorful fabric squares to a firm backing to create a fabric mosaic.  

  Wednesday morning, 7:00 am: Birding with Bolton! meet AT THE DOCK.

Thursday, FAMILY DAY: Create Your Own Adventure, 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
(you will receive a handout of possible activities in the area; A “make-and-take”
lunch WILL BE available beginning at 11:00 am) 


Registration for classes will begin on April 29.  Invoice must be paid in full in order to register for classes.
 **Schedule and classes subject to change**

Click HERE for current schedule


Some Homeschool Week Encouragement

A Mom’s Heart:

Our homeschooling journey began before we had children.  As newlyweds, we taught at a small Christian school.  While we loved the spiritual environment, we also felt that there was a lot of educational time lost in classroom management.  About the same time, we became connected to several Christian families who had made the decision to educate their children at home, and we were very impressed with both their intelligence and character.  By the time we had our own children, we felt clearly that God was calling us to educate them in this way.  While we know that education is a very personal decision and we believe that every parent has the call to seek God for His direction for their children, He has confirmed over and over the way that He has used this choice in our children’s lives. As we prepare our oldest to graduate from high school, and begin our youngest in first grade, we are thankful for the desire to learn, and the intimate relationships between our five children.  While living in Florida, we were very fortunate to have a well developed support system, along with great respect for homeschooling within the educational community at large.  We realize, however, that the opportunity and freedoms available to homeschoolers vary state by state, and that the believing community plays a vital role in strengthening each family and their educational choices.

Harvey Cedars strongly believes in supporting the family as a reflection of God’s love for His people, and by offering a homeschool week, we can do that in an even more focused way for those who have chosen this journey.  Homeschool week has a reputation for offering excellent resources and rich fellowship, and our family very much looks forward to becoming part of this tradition.

A Father’s Challenge:

Did God design you to be alone?  Of course not!  And if you have chosen to homeschool, the same answer applies.  To truly succeed, you need to surround yourself with a supporting, affirming, and encouraging network of those pursuing this calling.

To partner with our homeschool families, we have designed a week to bring just that.  As a home-educating father myself, I know firsthand that you need to revive.  You need to refresh.  You want new ideas.  And most of all, you want to be affirmed that this is what God has called you to do for your children and their walk in Him.  During homeschool week at HCBC, you will step away from the daily grind to relax and receive the tools to make it another year.  You will leave knowing that you…can…do this!