Each Summer we have approximately 70 high school and college students come from all over to be a part of our summer staff program!  This is a great opportunity for you or someone you know to make lifelong friends and grow in your walk with Jesus Christ.

We view each of the summer jobs as an opportunity to minister in the name of Christ. Working at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference is unique because it’s more than a job — it is a ministry position. It is a time not only for hard work and serving our guests, but also a time of serious personal growth as well. You will never forget your summer experience at Harvey Cedars!

We have a variety of job positions. Whether you cook, wait on tables, wash dishes, make beds, or answer telephones, you are a very important part of what God is doing to strengthen families and draw others to Himself.


The 2020 Summer Staff Application will become available around Thanksgiving so keep any eye out for it then! when it’s available you can fill it out and send it in to:

Summer Staff, 12 Cedars Avenue, Harvey Cedars, NJ 08008.

Please read through the 2019 Summer Staff Handbook before you apply.  

To reach our summer staff team please email: summerstaff@hcbible.org

Did you know we offer a scholarship for one qualified summer staffer each year? Click here to learn more! (Considerations are made each summer during your time of service.)

Please note: Acceptance letters will not be sent out all at once. Some will be receiving letters starting mid-March and others may not receive a letter until later. We are always in the process of going through applications and encourage anyone who is interested to apply.

*As a Bible believing conference center, we strive to obey the Word of God by keeping within the civil laws (Romans 13:1-2). With that in mind, New Jersey state law requires that all those who are under 18 years old must have the A300 (“Working Papers”) filled out.